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National Digital Literacy Mission - NDLM

The main objective of the programme was to provide Digital training which would enable the beneficiaries to use digital devices efficiently.

Target Beneficiaries:
At least one person from every eligible household is trained in IT literacy relevant to their need. The target group was in the age group of 14-60 years.

Level of IT Literacy Training:
Level 1
To make a person IT Literate,so that he/she can operate a computer/ Digital access devices (like tablets, mobiles etc), send and receive e-mails and search Internet for information, etc.Besides IT literacy at a higher level, the citizen would also be trained to effectively access the various e-governance services being offered to the citizen by the Government and others.

Arsh Yog Avam Jankalyan Trust was the training partner in Uttarakhand state. We have appointed and managed the Training Centers in rural and urban areas.
Goals achieved:-
* Number of Training centers under Arsh Yog Avam Jankalyan trust - 150+
* Number of Trained Beneficiaries - 3500+
Activities Performed
* Household survey and digitization of data
* Selecting the beneficiaries eligible under the project and enrolling them for the course
* Imparting the appropriate training course to beneficiaries eligible under the project, providing course materials
* Registering the beneficiaries, marking the attendance, and conducting the continuous assessment using the OMA-cum-LMS
* Keeping a record of all beneficiaries that enroll in the course, certifying their attendance and ensuring that the beneficiary appears for the examination.