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Vision Of Trust

  • To make a world free from diseases through Yoga and Ayurveda.
  • To propagate Pranayam as a "free" medicine for the treatment of diseases round the globe.
  • Besides imparting Yoga and health education, to set up an equalitarian society based on values of spiritualism, nationalism and justice beyond the boundaries of cast, creed, class and religion for the country's development.
  • To Help women and children in every field
  • Making people aware of clean Environment practices
  • Imparting education to all sections of society SC/ST/OBC and Minority Section
  • Expanding the Agriculture Importance and Techniques
  • To extend services and assistance to all rural parts
  • To establish education institutes in all the remote places and to provide able education for the rural populations.
  • Trust has a global vision of bringing the best of Ayurveda to the world and to reach it to each and every corner of the globe, to make a disease free world

Mission Of Trust

We at Arsh Yog Avam Jankalyan Trust strive to contribute in social and economic development of the underprivileged people by breaking all barriers towards acquisition of quality education.

  • Ensure Nourishment and Educational Opportunities to children.
  • Provide counselling, guidance, training & financial assistance to unemployed youth belonging to Below Poverty Line and Economically Weaker Section.
  • Eradicate poverty through Innovative Eco-friendly and Economy-friendly Development Programmes.
  • To assist all able young minds in pursuing the education which is the backbone and a strong pillar of our country.